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The Holy Quran is the last and final revelation from Allah Almighty to mankind. It is a Book of Guidance and Al-Furqan for the whole world, and a constant reminder to those who wish to please their Lord, the One True God.

If only we could carry it with us wherever we went. Reading it, memorizing it and understanding it in our own language. How wonderful would that be. A constant reminder and a source of Blessings and Mercy from Allah Almighty.

Through Allah's grace, in recent times technology has advanced enough to serve our needs. You can now read the Quran in Arabic alongside its Translation anywhere, anytime - on your Mobile! Quran Reader for Mobiles is a simple to use software that one can download and install on ones mobile phone and carry it conveniently to places one travels.

Mobile Quran Reader Software with Arabic and English Translation

A free digital Quran reader for all to download and use. Never be away from your Quran ever again. Whether you change your mobile phone a hundred times during the year, you won't have to worry about carrying yet another gadget - simply install the software on your new mobile and you're set to go! Furthermore, Quran Reader does NOT require any Arabic support on your mobile - works out of the box.

Whether on a train, bus or simply got a minute - take out your mobiles and start reading and reciting the Beautiful Quran with Quran Reader. Study and feedback has shown that over 40% of the people who had never read the Quran started reading it because it was on their mobiles, available in their language of choice and a click away. How wonderful is that?

QuranFlash proudly brings to you this new innovative software by joining Hands with Guided Ways Technologies, a company that pioneers in Islamic Solutions. Quran Reader for Mobiles can be downloaded Free of Cost with the complete Quran in Arabic and English. Please visit the download page for more details.


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